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Laptop - 2.30Ghz Processor limited to 2.20Ghz on "better battery/better performance"

I want the my base speed to return without having to use speedshift from throttlestop. i

It seems that for some reason QuickCPU won't let me change my max Ghz past 2.20 when not at "best performance" on the windows slider even when I change the speedshift settings myself.

Is there any way to reset the QuickCPU applied settings without a system restore? Uninstalling the application after applying my manual settings does not seem to work and I'm stuck at 2.2 Ghz when not at "best performance"

Is this normal on windows?

On a side note, I used these commands to change the EPP values in battery mode and AC mode.

AC - powercfg /setacvalueindex SCHEME_BALANCED SUB_PROCESSOR PERFEPP 33

Battery - powercfg /setacvalueindex SCHEME_BALANCED SUB_PROCESSOR PERFEPP1 70

Doing so seems to only change both "better performance/better battery" and that's it, but on battery mode the values cannot change. Is it impossible to change battery mode EPP values?

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Have you faced similar behavior in Windows 10 too?
Have you checked this functionality with your device's manufacturer support?

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No, I only noticed this now after I turned off speedshift with throttlestop. I believe this change happened because of using QuickCPU, and now I'm asking how to restore my base frequency without a system restore.

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