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Get List of Rows from Excel Table using Graph API

Hi @MichaelHan-MSFT ,

I'm trying to retrieve table data from a sheet in a .xlsx file in OneDrive and have a few questions:

1) There seem to be at least two packages officially maintained by Microsoft for acquiring an access token for Graph API access - @azure/msal-node (currently works for me), and @microsoft/microsoft-graph-client (not working for me). Which do you recommend for my current task? For the former, how do you recommend making requests to the Graph API after receiving the token? Just using an http client like Axios or something similar?

2) Second, how do I identify the id of the table? Based on the official docs, if I want to get the whole table as a data structure, it looks like the best way is to retrieve it as a list of rows, but it looks like I need the id of the table from which I want to get the rows, as seen in this example. The current approach that I had in mind was to maintain only one table in the worksheet, get the list of tables belonging to the worksheet as seen in this example, then use the id of the single table in the array that I get back, but then how do I get the id of the worksheet so that I can use it in this request? If it involves getting the workbook object first, then how do I get the id of the workbook? I've tried getting the id of the table via Graph Explorer with the GET query to endpoint "'.xlsx')?select=name,id,webUrl" as suggested in this old post, but it returns 'Not Found - 404 - 189ms'.

3) Lastly, is it only possible to retrieve Excel table data from a .xlsx file in OneDrive? What if the file is in a Sharepoint Site?

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