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Xamarin.Forms - reordering Sharpnado.Forms.HorizontalListView goes wrong


I have a Xamarin.Forms app which uses Sharpnado.Forms.HorizontalListView to show frames and enables the user to drag and drop these frames. It works perfectly fine, but now I want to add something extra and that is causing some issues.

When the user taps on a frame, the screen should split in two halves: the HorizontalListView on one half and a window with information on the other side.
When I start the app where the HorizontalListView is fullscreen, everything works. When I start the app where the HorizontalListView is on one half only, everything works again.
The problem: what I do now is simply using a grid and update the columnspan on tap. So the columnspan starts with 2, but when I tap a frame it turns to 1 so that the HorizontalListView ends up at one half. The frames however are not ordered anymore, they are simple squeezed to together to fit the half of the window (so the padding in between is gone for some reason).

I use this to switch to a split screen:

I can not show a demo and I think the code here is not really needed here, but I can visualize it.

Normal window:

Split window (what is expected):

Split window (what actually happens):

Does someone know why this happens and how to solve it?

If something is unclear, please let me know.

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I notice your screenshot have a windows title, do you test it in the UWP? If so, I find the Sharpnado.Forms.HorizontalListView plugin just support the Android and iOS. it is not support UWP to achieve it. This is a third-part plugin, you can open a issue in the Github:

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Oh sorry, I say Window but I mean 'Screen'. This is on Android only actually.

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