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How to get Parent name from hierarchy

I have SQL table Groups with next columns:

  • Id

  • Name

  • ParentId

Also I have table Articles where every Articles belongs to only one group. Some of groups are Parents to others groups. With this two tables I created Dimension Articles where I have hierarchy like this:

  1. ArticleId

  2. GroupId

  3. ParentGroupId

This works well (it think there is way to even this optimize, but this is not the issue).
My figure in PowerBI look like this then

But I don't know how to manage to put Groups Names to show in Figure. When I put groups name in figure then is only shown my child groups names not parents.

How can I show names of groups even for child and parents also? Model is Multidimensional so hierarchy and dimension is in cube.

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Hello @LukaOtoan-8620 ,
Thanks for the ask and using Microsoft Q&A platform .
Please do share the data in the table , that will help us to suggest the query .
On a different note please do use the PowerBI question for this kind of queries :

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