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Problem editing DataGridView on tablet


I have a problem with an application written in Windows Forms technology. The program runs on a desktop computer and a tablet with Windows 10. The main form has the "DataGridView" component, in which one of the columns is edited manually - entering a numerical value on the keyboard. The problem appears on the tablet - when the user tries to enter a value, the tablet brings up the keyboard view and the entire "DataGridView" component shrinks so that the edited cell cannot be seen. I wonder if this is the fault of the tableLayoutPanel control?

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@Pawellepko-1986, based on my test, the winform app works well when I enter a value in the datagirdview on tablet . Therefore, I have some questions to confirm with you. First, What is kind of your tablet? Second, as you mentioned, what is related to your tableLayoutPanel control? Do you contain the DataGridview in tableLayoutPanel control? Third, I want to know if you have other code to affect the result. If so, Please provide some code with me.

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