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Sync Drive Delta Query - Parent Id changes

I'm using the delta query to sync the contents of a drive.

I noticed that a file that I uploaded in a folder, say test.txt, has a certain parentId (parentReference -> id).

When I delete test.txt and query the API, it correctly returns the file with the same Id as before and the deleted facet. However, the parentId is different than before.

While the parentId referenced the folder test.txt was in before, the parentId now references the root folder, which is not correct.

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You mean that the parentId is the same before and after you delete the test.txt file, but the same parentId refers to different folders?

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@CarlZhao-MSFT No, the parentId is not the same after I delete it - before the deletion the parentId referenced subFolder1 (correct folder that contained the file), but after deletion the parentId references root.

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Oh, got it, let me test it and try to reproduce your problem.

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