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Active Directory does not work after deployment

I followed this tutorial: to add sign in to microsoft to my web app. All worked fine when running in IIS Express through Visual Studio. However after publishing and deploying to an IIS Express website the AAD Authentication no longer works,

This statement In Home Controller.vb:

        If Not Request.IsAuthenticated Then
             HttpContext.GetOwinContext().Authentication.Challenge(New AuthenticationProperties With {
             .RedirectUri = "/"
         }, OpenIdConnectAuthenticationDefaults.AuthenticationType) 

does nothing except to simply reload the home page

There are no errors and nothing appears in the logs in my Azure Account.

is there something I am missing from the deployment?

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Do you get any error in the network logs or correlation ID?

Without additional information, my guess is that it is either an issue with the authentication token or an issue with the app registration. Please make sure that the reply URL in the app registration matches what you have configured in your application code and that it redirects the users to wherever they need to go.

Reloads can also be caused if you are trying to load any custom login screens.

Do the users show up in the Azure AD sign-in logs or does the authentication completely fail?

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No errors in the Network Logs or correlation ID and nothing shows up in the Azure Ad sign in logs.

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