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Can I use Azure Functions V3 Azure static web API

When creating an Azure Static Site using the Blazor settings, you get an option to configure an API. My repository has an Azure Functions V3 API, and I want to use that. After making all the definitions, the build and deploy workflow fails. When I eliminate the api_location setting, the workflow succeeds.

I am pretty sure that the workflow expects a V2 Azure Functions application.

Can I supply a custom build command to build the V3 application?

Will role management work OK with V3?


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If you repo is public, can you share it? See this doc for compatible versions. Functions V3 is supported but the languages and language versions are limited to a select list:

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Thanks! My repo is not public sorry.

But from the list in the link you shared I see a problem in the fact that only .NET Core 3.1 is supported for a managed API while my V3 Azure Functions API uses .Net 5.

Having said that, the document is from May of 2020. Do you know if there are plans to push support for .Net 5 ?

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Working on this right now! Should have .NET 6 support sometime in November. (Shouldn't be a difficult upgrade for you)

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Also the article date is incorrect. It was updated a few months ago and forgot to update the date.

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