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Azure SQL Database : A basic query takes long to execute in Azure SQL

I am trying to select the count , then apply some grouping logic and so on. All are just very basic queries. And the database has records around 550667000 in the specific table. Each query takes almost 20 to 30 mins to execute. Is there a better way to improvise the performance ?

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Please share the queries with us and the actual query plans.

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Good day,

Since we cannot read minds, please provide the DDL+DML for the table(s) which the query uses + the full actual execution plan (as XML and not the screenshot)

Note: DDL will give us the information about the table including any relevant entities like indexes, triggers, relations, constraint, and so on

Note: You need to remember that SQL Server does not execute the query as we pass it but it parse the text and build execution plan based on multiple parameters. The same query in two different databases which has the same structure of table can result in totally different execution plan and a slow query in one server might be the best one in a different server => this is why we need the execution plan from your server

If you do not know how to get these requests for more information then please inform us and we will guide you ;-)


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