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Hear and record hdmi via usb dongle


In right place?

I recently got a cheap (but good) hdmi to usb dongle, tried a few capture programs like VCL not much good, so did a search and found a program called "Bandicam" When I connect up the dongle to test, I use a streaming stick that has hdmi out, I feed that into the dongle and then plug into the USB port.

Great, the picture is great, almost 4K and also great sound, but when I do a test recording there is no sound in the video, so another search and a few clicks and great the saved video now has sound.

However when Im recording anything, although its saving with sound, at that time I cannot hear anything, looking around sound settings I can see a sound bar that's jumping up and down, which is the sound coming from the video Im watching, but cannot find anything to switch to hear that sound

Is it possible to hear what your recording or would i need headphones or external speakers, seams the sound is there, but I cant hear it

Streaming stick > USB Dongle (HDMI in) > USB out> into laptop USB port

Like I said at first I could hear what I was watching, but any recording didn't have sound, now I switched something?? and now it records the audio, but I cant hear it at the same time now.

Even when just watching, no recording I no longer can hear anything after I switched something, forgot what I switched. See lots of devices in sound setting, even see the recording sound bar going up and down, can also see the sound im suppose to hear going up and down, when not recording

Have 3 of these dongles now, very bad video using VCL or the built in web cam, there I can switch web cam to usb input and then see the video

Using Bandicam makes the picture great and record MP4 files with great audio AC I think...

I remember the old days with a sound blaster pro, full duplex? could it be the Gforce NVIDIA in this HP laptop Inter coar i7 10th gen, windows 10 updated was already on laptop, new from AMZ



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Hello @JohnEley-2254

This doesn't seem like a System issue, and I would recommend you to post the question in some A/V forums, maybe from the manufacturer, or from the software you use, or searching for the Manufacturer name and model if there is any previous post about that device in Audio/Video forums online. Normally the community there would be better equipped to help you with the issue.

From my point of view, I would check if that happens with 1 or more players (since it seems that audio gets in, by your comments), also about the codecs used. Is it possible that you need to download some drivers/software for the dongle that may contain specific codecs? All in al, I would go with K-Lite codecpack just to make sure you are all set up for any contingency.

Hope this helps with your query,

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