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Azure AD B2C signin gives server_error

Some time ago, using the Azure Portal, we created Azure AD B2C tenants and got implicit grant flow working for the B2C_1 signin flow with MSAL Angular.

Today, using the Azure Portal, we created a new tenant with the same options as previously, but signin fails: The following request:


fails with a redirection to the default URL with


What has changed?

How do we debug the problem?

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Could you please share the full correlation ID and any error you receive in your logs?

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I'm getting the same error and this is only happening when the Single sign on is enabled on the User flow. In my scenario, i have 1 app registration and two web portals using the same user flow and client ID. B2C authentication works fine on the first portal. However, when i click sign in on the second portal (after signing to Azure B2C) it fails with this error when its trying to automatically login in. Once i refresh again, it redirects me to Azure B2C sign in page again and everything is working fine.

But this is not the expected behavior as i want the single sign on to work. My correlation ID is ID: 5f5c5329-a560-4f7c-8e79-d73f86939f08 Timestamp: 2021-10-08 04:27:57Z ' (See screenshot below)


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