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Set charset and collation EF Core 3 code first

Using ASP.Net core and Identity 3.1, I have a web app and using Pomelo package to connect to mysql/MariaDB as my databsae.

I can alter my tables and columns after database is created to change my collation and charset but looking for a way to set my favorite collation and char set on model creating (I mean at the same time the update-database is running from my web-app and during the creation of my database, I need to set the correct charset and collation).
I can set my collation/charset for a column like this but doing like this for all columns and tables is frustrating and also I have tables of Identity which shoud be set for collation/charset too.

 protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)
             modelBuilder.Entity<Table1>().Property(obj => obj.Column1).HasCharSet("utf8mb4").HasCollation("utf8mb4_unicode_ci");    
 .  .  .  

I need a code to have all my databse, tables and columns be set for an specific charset and collation.

I searched around and tried something like this :



But I can't manage it.

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Simply open your favorite MySql editor and execute a script to set the collation for the database. It is a one time script.

if you want the script as part of a migration, create an empty migration and add the script to the Up method.

Using MigrationBuilder.Sql()

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 ALTER DATABASE <database_name> CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

The upper code does not change tables and columns, but only effects on database.

Thanks for replying

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