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Azure app service restart loop

We have a Java/spring boot app deployed to IIS with embedded tomcat as an azure app service. When the app service is started the app logs show a restart occurs (new pid) every 11 minutes for the same instance - we don’t see any logs indicating a successful start nor any logs indicating a failure .

After 90 minutes it will eventually deploy successfully indicating a successful start.

There’s nothing i can see from the embedded tomcat logs nor org.springframework logs suggesting any issue, however on occasion it can start in under 2 mins.

I don’t know where else to look for a startup error. Is there a constraint on the allowed app service startup time that is causing it to restart? I’ve tried upgrading the app service plan in case memory or cpu were the constraint but with the same results.

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@BewesAnt-2234, apologies for the late reply. Are there any app logs snippets you can share? Also, is there anything under Web App Restarted under Diagnostics and solve problems blade?

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