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UWP WACK Getting error 0x800B0100: The app bundle must be digitally signed for signature validation

I note there are some related questions but they do not resolve my problem, searching 0x800B0100 finds them.

I have developed a UWP app for publication on the MS Store using Visual Studio 19 Community Edition and the MS Partner Centre.

In Visual Studio I have completed the package.appxmanifest and associated the app with its counterpart on the MS Store. The certificate page looks like this.


When I select "Publish | Create App Packages..." everything works fine and I get to the last screen where I have to run the WACK tests, so I kick them off.


Almost immediately, before any tests appear to have run, I get this error.


I do not know why the package is not signed. I have read lots about signing and believe the certificate is supposed to be managed by the MS Store and that when I associate the app with the store the certificate info is copied down or handled somehow. I also figured out how to create a .pfx keystore for the assembly but it doesn't solve the problem and I don't think it is needed for MS Store submissions?


Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong.

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Please make sure the developer account that you are using in Visual Studio Association is the same account that you are signed in Partner Center. Then you could check if your package family name in your project is the same as the one in Partner Center. You could find this information in the Partner Center.


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Thanks @RoyLi-MSFT, I am signing into Visual Studio and the Partner Center with the same (and my only) Microsoft account, the same one I am logged in here with.

I use the built-in Visual Studio tool under "Project | Publish | Associate App with the Store..." command to associate the package with the store. They appear to be the same, attached is a screenshot of the two windows side by side.![141004-ms-wack-fail-2.png][1]![141005-ms-wack-fail-1.png][2]

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Please do not post your package information on the public forum. I've deleted these images. You just need to check it on your own. I noticed that you are having this issue when running the local WACK test. The local WACK test result will be affected by many reasons. I'd suggest you upload your app to the store. There will be another online WACK test for your package and we will take that as standard.

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