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Immersive reader errors in reading

Does Immersive reader pay attention to <b>, <i>, etc. tags? It seems not. For example, there is no emphasis when reading <b> marked text.

Some content is simply skipped, for example, &hellip; is simply skipped, as are many characters, such as curly braces, dashes, I would expect the former to be read as "dot dot dot". The latter makes it difficult to understand the MathML or LaTeX equations..

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@GeraldQMaguireJr-3467 Thanks for the question. Can you please add more details about the content that you are trying.

This article shows you how to structure your HTML and retrieve the content, so that it can be used by Immersive Reader.The Immersive Reader provides support for basic HTML elements, see the reference for more information.

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You can hear the missing &hellip; and &ndash; as well as the lack of handling of <strong> with voice emphasis at

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