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Updates appear on Custom Domain 1 hour after a change, but appear on the iimmediately

I have deployed a wordpress site as an App Service (using the container on Marketplace ) and created a DNS Zone for use with my custom domain (registered with GoDaddy).

Let's say the custom domain is and the App Service is

When I make a change to the site, whether that's styling or content, and go the custom domains URL, the changes do not appear until around 1 hr after I make them however if I browse to I see them immediately. This is particularly troublesome with a website that accepts bookings (the number of places available is not decrementing immediately on the custom domains URL but I can see them correct on the URL).

Verified also using curl via the portal shell in case it was caching outside of the Azure network. Curl against azurewebsites shows the most up to date content, Curl against the custom domains URL shows it out of date.

I don't have CDN or Front Door's just basic configuration.

So where is the caching happening and how to I stop it/configure it!

Also note, if I restart the app service, the custom domains URL then shows up to date content but this isn't a Wordpress/deployment issue as I can see the two different versions simultaneously by browsing to both 2 URLs.

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