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data flow - sink parquet file not showing updatedtime for the row

I change the column value of a row in the source which is sql server table.
data flow has :
2-DerivedColumn which has expression for LoadDate = toUTC(currentTimestamp(), 'GMT Standard Time')
4-sink --> Delta dataset for the parquet file

Run the pipeline
Once the load is complete, I check the LoadDate column in the sink parquet file.
I see this field is updated for every row whereas I was expecting only for the row that I updated at source.
Any thoughts?
Thank you

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Hi @arkiboys ,

Thank you for posting query on Microsoft Q&A Platform.

You mentioned step3, as upsert. Are you applying Upsert If condition using Alter row transformation?

Please consider below points to achieve your goal.

  • You need to use Alter row transformation and inside it, you should write a condition for Upsert If. All matching rows in your data with the condition will be considered for Upsert Operation. So make sure inside data preview of your Alter row, is your intended row marked as Upsert If or not.

  • Inside Sink transformation, you should select Allow upsert option. To make sure your upsert happenings on Sink.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

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I still get updated values for all the rows. I am expecting the LoadDate field to be updated only for the upsert(updated/inserted) rows
See my settings below

Thank you



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Hi @arkiboys ,

You are still trying to mark all rows as Upsert If. Hence all rows will get update. Please check below video to understand about Alter row transforamtion.


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I think I am beginning to understand this...
Note that my sink is Delta parquet file.
I have watched that video previously and I watched it again now (It shows how to do upsert and delete). (The delete in the video is based on the value which is already present in the source),
My query is to how to detect the rows that were deleted at source and so remove them from sink
Note that I am using sink Delta parquet.

Hope you see what I mean
Thank you

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