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Multiple properties with the name 'Properties' were detected.....

We are using a Power App & Power Automate solution to route documents for approval. Document sets are being used to hold all documents in one package for review and approval. After a new document set is created, we upload documents into the doc set, however every time we upload, we receive and error stating

Multiple properties with the name 'Properties' were detected in an entry or a complex value. In Odata, duplicate property names are not allowed

All documents continue to upload without and issue, and the Power Automate and Power App solutions don't seem to be affected. But I would like to fix this bug, as this approval solution is starting to gain more acceptance throughout our business units. Any help resolving this 'False Positive' error would be great. Thanks for your time.

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Please start a new discussion via the Power Apps and Power Automate Community so that you can get dedicated support on this issue.

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