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Open a Word documnet with all the formatting marks visible

I am building a Word custom Ribbon as a VSTO project using VB within the Visual Studio environment.
Part of what I want to do is, from the Ribbon, open Word documents:
- with all the formatting marks visible
- the Styles pane visible .

I have done this previously with VBA as each document is opens using the following:

 'Open Word with Styles pane visible and docked to the right
     With Application
         .TaskPanes(wdTaskPaneFormatting).Visible = True
         .CommandBars("Styles").Position = msoBarRight
     End With
     ActiveWindow.DocumentMap = True
 'Open document with all formatting and hidden text visible
     ActiveWindow.View.ShowAll = True

I've been searching for hours and cannot find how to do this with

Is anybody able to help please.

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