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Azure Form Recognizer - Issue with Table tag - Row dynamic format

Hi, I'm having issue with the Table tag - Row dynamic format

I trained my model in which I mapped 4 line items into the table tag and analyzed an invoice which had about 7 line items, the table was dynamic in the output but there were some values missing

I had another model where the invoices were of different layout(different vendor), where I mapped 3 line items and when analyzed an invoice with 5 line items, the table wasn't dynamic at all in the results

Does anyone have any insight on this?

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Thanks for reaching out to us for this. I just want to check the scenario with you. Do you mean you trained a model with 4 lines table, but the model is not able to detect 5 lines?


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Yes, the trained set had 3 line items table and analyzed invoice had more than that
The table should be working dynamically, but it didn't

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