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Licensing Question

I am planning on building some Windows Server 2019 nodes, and I have some questions about licensing.
The previous person who handled it for us is not available. My understanding WAS that you can just get a Windows license for the version of Windows you have, add it, and you're good. I am learning that this is not the case.

Can anyone help explain what I will need for licensing?
I think I need 3x Device CALs for Windows, an RDS CAL for the RemoteApp, and an RDS CAL for each RemoteApp user. Is that right?

3x Windows Server 2019 deployments
1 of them will publish a RemoteApp to ~5 people (not sure exact count). This will be it's own Broker and Gateway.
Several administrators will need to log into these nodes periodically, but I doubt there would ever be more than 2 at once.

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