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RG Deny assigment with all participants rule lockout

There is one resource group, that is locked out from modifying or deleting anything. Can only create and add, but not remove.
Noticed there is Deny assigment rule with All participats, deny access which I can not modify even as root admin.
How to remove or edit rule?

resource ID

Deny assigment

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@IDAVANG-7923 - Thank you for reaching out to us!

Are you using Azure resource mover to move resources within Azure?

From the details provided above, it seems permission issue.

Appreciate if you could provide more details such as:

What are you trying to accomplish?
What permissions do you own at subscription level?

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I own
User Access Administrator Root (Inherited)
But still can not remove other user role.

At different resource groups everything is fine, just this one has some deny policy. And I can not edit it or remove it.

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