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Web Deploy Errors

Iam trying to migrate all of the sites from IIS 8.5.96000.16384 on a 2012R2 server to IIS 10.0.17763.1 on 2019 server using the command line. It runs for a bit, copies about a quarter of the data, then I get Error: Stream does not support reading. Any help would be greatly appreciated

msdeploy.exe -verb:sync -source:webServer,computername=<source server> -dest:webServer > c:\msdeploy.log

Thank you.

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@SinclairKevin-1548 It is difficult to reproduce your problem based on this error message, you need more information to troubleshoot the issue. there are several logging options depending on where the problem occurred. By default, Web Deploy logs to the Event Log under Applications > Microsoft Web Deploy. This is great place to start looking for errors on the destination server.

In the unlikely case that you cannot diagnose the problem using the Event Log, here are some other options:

  1. To diagnose installation problems, Web Deploy MSI logs are placed under %programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy v3.

  2. If Web Management Service or Remote Agent Service fail to start at all, look at the event Event Log > System for Service Control Manager errors.

  3. You can further configure tracing for Web Management Service.

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