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Routing Table Not Redirecting Traffic 2nd Time In a Week (No changes made)


To summarize the setup please see a basic outline of how the routing works:

In a nutshell, we use Azure to host some IaaS as-well as use the Azure backbone as a sort of WAN to connect our corporate network, and a remote site. This is achieved with routing tables and a VNA.

However the Azure routing seems to have failed on me, as I can no longer reach from the Corp network. The packets are being routed as per the snippet of the routing table in the above image, but they are not hitting the VNA on (confirmed with packet captures).

From the VNA on I can reach all addresses within the Corp network, and all addresses within the remote site (

This has suddenly stopped working twice now, with no changes at all within our environment.

Please, any assistance is much appreciated!

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@JoshuaMorris-4676 Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A.

I understand that you are seeing issues with connectivity between your Corp network and your on-premise network in UAE via the NVA in Azure. Can you please let me know the following to further understand the issue:

  1. Can you share routes learned on the Corporate Network side via the VPN from Azure?

  2. Can you also share routes learned on the UAE on-premise side via the VPN?

  3. Are you able to ping the NVA IP from the Corp Network always?

  4. Are you doing any NAT on the NVA for traffic from Corp network to reach the UAE side?

Please let me know the above so I can understand the flow of traffic. Thank you!

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