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C# and Tabulator

When using tabulator-tables@4.9.3
Created 2 drop down list columns with editor: "select"
Used Code:

 {title: "ProductID", field: "productID", sorter: "string", minWidth: 100, width: 150, sorter: "number", editable: Editable, editor: "number", validator: "required", hozAlign: "left", editor: "select", editorParams: { values: ProductIDSelect }, formatter: "lookup" , formatterParams: ProductIDSelect },

For Example: Products and Units. This type of drop down contain Name, ID.
After choose the name and press on save button will send the data from tabulator to C# to check all data type and Inserted to the table in database.

Before sanded data I check data with press right click on the page choose "Inspect" getting the below image


Shares indicate the number between "4" and "5" string type

When matching data by C# and finds that the Integer field type and string data are incorrect

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Image is way too small to read details where the arrows point too.

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Tabulator is a 3rd party JavaScript library with it's own support forums. I recommend that you either take the time to read the support docs or ask this question on Tabulator support.

Also, it seems you are executing a synchronous AJAX call which might indicate other client side design issues that we cannot see.

If you want help from this forum then we need minimal source code to reproduce this issue. Otherwise, we can only guess what bugs exists in your code or what type of application you are building. Is this an SPA? MVC? Razor Pages? Web Forms?

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