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Create a macro in C #

Create a macro in C #
Hello, I do not have as much knowledge on how to program in C #, therefore, I ask you for this help.

I need to create macros that by pressing a key, a large set of messages comes out and these are produced as quickly as possible, for example

If I press the F1 key, a macro-type message will appear in which I write `` Hello '' and it will be sent automatically without the need to press the enter letter automatically

If I press the F2 key, it will send a message that will send the following letters separately but as quickly as possible, for example H (Enter) E (Enter) L (Enter) L (Enter) O (Enter), and if I put it in a Notepad will be evidenced like this

Press F1: Hello
Press F2: H

(And that this happens in the smallest possible milliseconds)

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@Miguel-6237, What do you mean about the macro, is it the Excel macro? Where do you want to display the macro-type message, in Excel or other places?

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Other place, think that the function in Ahk like sendinput:
F1:: sendinput Hello{enter}
I Would like use this like a spam macro

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@Miguel-6237, based on my search, c# doens't have have macros. You could refer to the link: creating-macros-in-c-sharp.

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