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Lately, after I implemented the OneSignal Xamarin SDK (but I am not sure it's related as many other changes were done), I started seeing this error on startup.

Read error: ssl=0xc37d4728:
SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ occurred. You should never see this.

In fact, I had never seen it before. When I close it, everything continues normally.
Does anybody know what can cause it?


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About OneSignal Xamarin SDK , you could report a issue or contact them. For the SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ error, you can refer to

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The fact is that I'm not sure that it is related to OneSignal.... Thanks for the link.

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You are welcome. It's a ssl error, you could make break point on your request response or use try catch to determine which line of code caused this issue. if your request is right, it may be a issue about OneSignal.

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