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About the public IP address cannot be pinged and connected

I built
LocalNetworkGateway, virtual network, public IP address, connect, and then get a public IP address. When trying to connect to this IP address, it can’t be connected. I don’t know if there is an error.

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@DominicNancy-8720 Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A.

I understand that you have configured a Virtual Network, Virtual network Gateway with a Public IP address and are trying to connect to the same but are unable to do so. A Virtual Network Gateway is required to setup a VPN between 2 sites either Azure and on-premise or 2 Azure vnets for secure connection between the same. Therefore, the VPN Gateway is only accessible on certain ports and may not respond to Ping or other ports/protocols.

Can you let me know the reason why you are trying to ping the VPN Gateway? Thank you!

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