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I don't know... that is my problem

My problem is... I don't acualy know what my problem is and that is part of it.
I have asked a question about a week ago and now I got one where I don't even know what my problem is.

I was working on a game in unity and something didn't work like it was in the tutorial I followed. In the tutorial Unity Particle Pack was used so I desided to install it aswell.
When I tryed to install it I got a warning popup:


To be save I tryed it in an empty project like the picture says. In the empty project I couldn't see any diffrents and nothing that could be bad for my main project.
So I installed the Particle Pack in my main project aswell. As it was done I soon noticed that my player couldn't move as before. In thought that if I just restart the project the problem will be solved (because I hadn't saved after installing the package). As I was back in the project I checked if the problem is solved. But it wasn't.
Every time I tried to rotate my player around it didn't turn the player. I turned him in a weird way but the center it turned around was not the player...

This is what my problem looks like:

View from the Scene TAB:

I have tryed to make a new player in a empty scene but the same problem came up again.
I haven't changed anything in my project or scripts that could possibly cause this bug. It has to be coming from the package I installed and the project settings it changed.
I don't think you'll need my scripts but if you do I can send them for better help.

Please if anybody knows what the problem is and how I can fix it please help me. I don't want my project to be unsavable.

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@FldlesuppeLP-6956 , AS unity is not supported on QnA platforms yet , we may not get clear answer for this. I would suggest to post this query on to get views from proper audience.

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