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Skype for Business No Audio/Video after External Certificate Renewal

We have a Skype for Business Server 2015. [On-Prem]

We just tried to renew our external Skype Certificate. I did the CSR via the integrated Skype tool and also imported it via the skype tool. No failueres, no warnings, services starting without problems. But audio/video dosn´t work with external users, chat works. It just says connecting... for some seconds and then fails due to network issuses. When i switch back to my old certificate it works fine.

Checked the SAN of the new Certificate they are identical to our old one. Also tried our wildcard Certificate (i know its note supported, but should work too). Same problem.

Anyone had this problem? Any ideas?
Thank you!

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Hi @MichaelRaa-2022

Welcome to Q&A forum!

Could you try to check if you have opened the port 3478 and 443 in your firewall?

In addition, please check if there is any error messages in the edge server from the event viewer.

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Haven't received your message for a long time.

Do you have any further issue on this topic?

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