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Kernel-Power Event ID 41 (63)/Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap

I can't quite pinpoint when this started happening as it only happens when loading certain games (Far Cry 6, Flight Simulator) However when loading i get a BSOD for a Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_Trap. When i look at the error files all i see is the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 (63) and the following:

BugcheckCode 268435583
BugcheckParameter1 0x8
BugcheckParameter2 0xfffff8005568ce50
BugcheckParameter3 0xffff958eefe10f80
BugcheckParameter4 0xfffff80052293694
SleepInProgress 0
PowerButtonTimestamp 0
BootAppStatus 0
Checkpoint 0
ConnectedStandbyInProgress false
SystemSleepTransitionsToOn 0
CsEntryScenarioInstanceId 0
BugcheckInfoFromEFI false
CheckpointStatus 0
CsEntryScenarioInstanceIdV2 0
LongPowerButtonPressDetected false

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