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Free style Jenkins build with msBuild command

We are using freestyle Jenkins build and msBuild execute command for the net core application.

/target restore and target build together using in single command. Its executing restore only build not happening. We need restore and build execution in single command because we need to execute the below command together in the build command
Because we have mentioned in the command
/p :Deployonbuild
/p: generatesamplescript
/p: deploytype

The above will work while build the solution only not working on restore the solution

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MsBuild. exe /target:"restore " /target:"buid" %workspace%\doc\doc.sln /p:OutDir= %workspace%\doc\webdeploy\Release /P:skipInvaildconfiguration=true /p:Deploynbuild=true /p:deploytype=package /P:Generatesampledeployscript=true /P:DeployIISpath= doc

I have tried the above command it's not working

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Please somebody check and help me.

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Anyone could please check on this and help

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