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SignalR problem: An unexpected error occurred invoking

I simply try to invoke a message and i get an error:

Unhandled Rejection (Error): An unexpected error occurred invoking 'SendMessageToGroup' on the server.

C# Hub:

 public class ChatHub : Hub
         public async Task SendAll(string message)
             await Clients.All.SendAsync("ReceiveAllMessage", message);
         public async Task JoinGroup(string group)
             await Groups.AddToGroupAsync(Context.ConnectionId, group);
         public async Task SendMessageToGroup(string group, string message)
             string time = DateTime.Now.ToString();
             await Clients.Groups(group).SendAsync("ReceiveMessage", message, time);
         public override async Task OnConnectedAsync()
             string userId = "user32";
             await Clients.Caller.SendAsync("UserConnected", userId);
             await base.OnConnectedAsync();

Client side: ReactJs:

 const send = async () => {
     console.log("send to group")
    await Newconnection.invoke("SendMessageToGroup", cookies.Default, text)
    await Newconnection.invoke("SendAll","3r2r");
     const data = {
         "message" : text,
         "accesToken" : cookies.Default,
         "isHelper" : false
           const res = await'https://localhost:44332/api/LiveChat/Message',data)
             if(res.status === 200)
             console.log("succesful send message")

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Hi @osyris-3187,
What type of project is your project, core or
Maybe you can provide more detailed error information to help you.
Best regards,
Lan Huang

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