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Phsyical LG Sylo 2 not seen in Xamaran VS2019

I have started doing some development with VS2019 (Community) and Xamaran. Till now I've used the Desktop emulator to test, but now I want to try this on an actual device, in this case an LG550 (Stylo 2 plus). It is an older device but still viable for testing.

Bottom line, VS2019 and Android Device Manager cannot see my LG550. I have done the following:

  • Set up Developer options

  • Turned of allow debugging

  • Set the transfer mode from charging to media transfer and also tried PTP

  • I've closed and restarted VS2019 (multiple times)

  • I've turn off and on multiple times the LG550

  • I downloaded and installed the LG drivers as provided by LG website.

  • I installed the Android SDK specific for the phone

  • Finally I added a fresh SSD micro drive which I can copy files too.

After all of that I can actually see the physical device in the Android Device Monitor (see pic), but it will will not show when I launch Android Device Manager. Is that suppose to auto detect? Is there a way to manually add it?

My alternative is to try and side load the program but not sure how to install it once I get it on the device.


Windows 10 sees the device.

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