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how to be idp for service principals to services outside my tenant

Hello, im not very experienced in the deeper app world on azure. Enterprise apps, app reg i know but i struggle a bit how to understand if there is a way to play idp for for service principals to services outside my tenant.

DEVs want to use SP`s provided in my Tenant to Access Services on a external Service.

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Hello @Alex-5595 ,

Thanks for reaching out.

Do you mean external collaboration like allowing partners or external users to access application which integrated with your Azure AD? If so then there are way to achieve this scenario.

First one is to leverage Azure AD B2B collaboration feature which allow you invite partner organization user into your Azure AD as Guest users so that you can assign respective application for them to access.

To learn more about B2B collaboration, refer.

Second, option is to leveraging Multi-Tenant applications architecture, in this scenario you don't have to invite users individually rather application available as multi tenant access so that partners from other Azure AD tenant users can access your application.

To learn more about Multi-Tenant, refer.

Hope this helps.

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