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cant do anything on portal, geeting message "Refresh the browser to try again."

after logging in successfully to my azure account i could see all my website storage ect.
But anything i click on i get the error Refresh the browser to try again.

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@faigy-4973 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A and thanks for reaching out with your query.

Apologies for the experience you are having, can you please confirm if you are seeing the same behavior with different browsers or in-private session ?

Also , I see that you have raised a ticket with our support team which would be the right place if this needs deeper troubleshooting. I will keep track of the internal ticket also and see what comes out of the analysis as our team works with you. Once we have a resolution, and if we see the information would help the broader community members facing this issue, will update this thread accordingly.

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Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes i tried from different browsers and does not work, I could login BUT not do anything on azure..
also when running my site from localhost the code is breaking when getting to azure storage.., But the live website is working.
I am REALLY stuck & waiting for a help ASAP.

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@faigy-4973 Thank you for your response, and sorry the experience you are having. This seems to need some deeper troubleshooting and our support team will be able to best assist you. I will keep a track on the internal support case and keep you updated as needed.

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can you let know the support team that I need this fixed ASAP
I am stuck for over 12 hours.
I must get in to the portal Now. I am having big loss every minute i am logged out.

please please tell them they should contact me NOW.
thank you so much

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@faigy-4973 Looks like you have opened the issue with severity C and the team will look into it accordingly. In case you are needed more urgent attention, will request you to please increase the severity of the case so that respective teams get notified and can prioritize the case. I will also try from my side to see if I can use any of internal channels to see if I get some traction on your case. Thank you.

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Thank you so much-I really apricate your help.
hope I hear back from you very soon.

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@faigy-4973 Happy to help in any way possible. As requested, if you need immediate attention please do reach out to our support to increase the severity of your case so that it gets the attention needed based on your priority. I will also check from my side on what i can do as you do the above thing. Thanks

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I wish I would be able to reach out to your support to increase the severity of your case ,But i cant even open a support ticket through my portal:(- I cant do anything. Just getting this crazy error:(

I was wasting hours today trying to find a way to reach azure support with out creating a ticke.t..
Until i found this Q&a

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Got that faigy-4973 , I empathize the pain you are going through. Let me see what i can do to further help. Thanks

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