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Trying to setup updates for Visual Studio

I'm working on configuring Configuration Manager to deliver updates to Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 now that they are available but I've not had any luck getting the systems to see updates available or report to SCCM so that the updates show as needed.

The Visual Studio Client Detector Utility has been installed on 62 systems and that is reported in the updates.

I tried setting the policy that applies the top registry key below but that did nothing so I added the other two keys and that hasn't changed anything either.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\VisualStudio\Setup (on 64-bit operating systems)

I'm sure I'm missing something that is keeping this from working but not sure what.....

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Hi @BrianHicks-4926,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

Do you mean that the client computer can’t receive the administrator updates?

Please view the document: Encoding administrator intent on the client machines.
And ensure that the AdministratorUpdatesEnabled REG_DWORD key is set to 1.

You can refer to the following link to check your administrator updates.


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They are not currently receiving administrator updates.

I have already set that key that you mentioned above in the three locations below because not one of them worked.


If I look in SCCM at the list of VS 2017 and VS 2019 updates, they are not changing to show that the updates are required by any systems. It's almost like this key that I've added isn't working on the clients so when they communicate with the server nothing happens.

Does Configuration Manager need to be at a certain version for this to work properly? We are on 2006 CB.

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Dear customer, please check if the AdministratorUpdatesOptOut REG_DWORD key is set to 1, which will configure the client computer to block administrator updates.

It is noted that the Visual Studio application must be closed in order for the administrator update to be successfully deployed to the client machine. If Visual Studio is open or if any files are being used, then the update will be cancelled.

Besides, you can also try to update your configuration manager environment to the latest version.

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No the AdministratorUpdatesOptOut is not configured at all.

Let me ask if the Visual Studio Community 2019 version can be updated this way. That is what is on the majority of our systems.

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