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VM Reservation


We have a Azure Subscription where we have reserved the VMs. However, we are getting error: No reservations to display in Reservations.

Kindly help us to resolve the above issue. Thanks in advance!

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In order to see a Reserved Instances, somebody needs to have granted you access to that RI. If you do not see an RI in this list that you expect to see, this could be because you do not have permission to see it.
Important: Just because you are an account owner of the subscription and being billed for a Reservation may not mean you also have permission to see the Reserved Instance. You need to have been explicitly granted permission to see this Reservation before you can see it.

It is possible that somebody has granted you permission to see the Reservation in a different directory, so switching directories may help you find what you are looking for.
This view does not depend on having access to the Reservation Order. These are two different object types. You need access to the Order only if you want to make decisions that affect the financial aspects of the Reservation, such as Exchange, Refund, Swap and Auto-Renew. You do not need access to the Order to see the Reservation in this list or to view the usage details.
To get permission to see a Reservation, another person with access to that reservation needs to explicitly grant you access. This can be done in the "Access Control (AIM)" Blade within the Reservation.

Either "Reader", "Contributor" or "Owner" roles should grant you access to view the Reservation in this list.

Note that for performance reasons, our Browse experience cache's customer permissions in our database. There is a job that runs periodically that will sync the latest permissions into this database. This means there is a lag between when one user grants another user permission to see an RI and when our system recognizes that change. If you cannot immediately see a Reservation that you were just granted access to, please wait a few hours and try again.
We are hoping to improve this experience in the near future.

How to see all Reservations in your Tenant :
Reservations now supports the “User Access Administrator” role in Azure. To grant yourself this role, you must be a "Global Administrator" in Azure Active Directory. After granting this permission, customers can view all reservations and add role assignments to the reservations and reservation orders that they do not have direct RBAC access to. They can then manage these Reservations as they wish.
To make yourself a User Access Administrator, first navigate to Azure Active Directory.
Then navigate to “Properties”, slide the “Access Management for Azure Resources” toggle to “Yes”, and Save the changes.

Please note that our system will take at most 1 hour to sync these new permissions and recognize this, but once the permissions have been synced, you should be able to see all of their reservations. Also note, again, that this permission does not make you owners on these Reservations - you will need to go into Access Control and give yourself and anybody else you want to provide access to these reservations.

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