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WPF TextBox: Cancelling drop operation leaves insertion marker as graphical glitch

I have a WPF App in that I want to cancel a drop operation to a TextBox, if some conditions are met (see shouldCancelDrop below):



    <TextBox PreviewDrop="TextBox_PreviewDrop" />

Code behind:

 private void TextBox_PreviewDrop(object sender, DragEventArgs e)
     //Decision if to cancel to drop
     var shouldCancelDrop = false;
     //if (...) shouldCancelDrop = true;
     if (shouldCancelDrop)
         e.Handled = true;

Problem is: After leaving the TextBox_PreviewDrop-Handler with e.Handled = true the "insertion marker" is always left in the textbox. It looks like a textcursor but is light gray and not blinking, see here (the right black one is the textcursor):

Insertion marker.

How can I get rid of this Insertion marker when I cancel the drop?

It stays in the TextBox until I finish another drag operation!

So I am looking for some "CancelDropOperationAndRedrawTextBox"-Action...

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Hi,@JoergReichert-8712. After my test, I did not reproduce your problem. Could you show me the complete code to reproduce it?

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