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Creating Bridge on Two ethernet network adapters

Hi There,

We Have a PC windows 10, with two ethernet network adapters : ethernet 1 and ethernet 2

1- For operational reasons, we created a bridge on the two ethernet network interfaces and an IP has been configured on the new Bridge.

The download Speed through the bridge interface IP is extremely low : 3 KB/s

2- Then, We removed the Bridge, and we gave it's IP to one of the ethernet network interfaces (ethernet1). The download Speed through the ethernet1 interface IP is good.

Why download throught the bridge IP is so slow ? am I missing anything ?

Here is a simple diagram for comprehension :

PC1 -------->download file from----------->(Bridge interface (ethernet1 + ethernet2) )PC2 => Speed : 3KB

PC1 -------->download file from----------->(ethernet1) PC2 => Speed : GOOD)

Thanks for your help.


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