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How to read an Excel cell value as string from a Visio add-in

I am trying to read a single cell value from a Vision add-in from an Excel file the user selects with a File Dialog, then selects an Excel cell in Excel.

The user can select a range of more than one cell. however I will read only the first cell.

The below is VBA code from Visio Guy adapted for VB.NET:

Original code:

 Sub GetExcelCellValue()
     Dim XlApp As Object
     Dim XlWrkbook As Excel.Workbook
     Dim XlSheet As Excel.Worksheet
     Dim rng As Excel.Range
     Dim docPath As String
     docPath = Application.ActiveDocument.Path
     XlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
     ' msoFileDialogFilePicker = 3
     With XlApp.FileDialog(3)
         .Filters.Add("Excel Files", "*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm")
         .InitialFileName = docPath
         XlApp.Workbooks.Open(FileName:= .SelectedItems(1))
     End With
     XlWrkbook = XlApp.Workbooks(1)
     XlSheet = XlWrkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
     XlApp.Visible = True
     rng = XlApp.InputBox("Select a single cell", "Obtain Range Object", Type:=8)
     Dim FirstRow As String
     Dim FirstCol As String
     Dim FirstValue2 As String
     FirstRow = rng.Row
     FirstCol = rng.Column
     'FirstValue2 = Convert.ToString(rng.Cells(FirstRow, FirstCol))
     FirstValue2 = Convert.ToString(rng.Worksheet.Cells(FirstRow, FirstCol).Value2)
     'Transfer Excel contents to Visio shapes on active page
     MsgBox("This is the first cell: " & FirstValue2)
 End Sub

I tried several solutions that are given in the answers here on Stackoverflow:

,unfortunately those solutions get me these kind of errors:

Exception thrown: 'System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException' in mscorlib.dll Exception thrown: 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' in mscorlib.dll Exception thrown: 'System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException' in Microsoft.Office.Tools.Common.Implementation.dll

To test I did add a Range.Copy() which clearly shows the right Range is selected and copied, if I do a paste the cell content(s) show up as selected via the code as shown here.

How can I reliably read Excel cell values from a selected Excel cells into Visio? Thank you for sharing your insights and experience!

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