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Saving audio stream generated by azure speech service ...


I am having hard time saving AudioDataStream generated by Azure TTS to a wave file using the method AudioDataStream.SaveToWaveFile(filename) for my Xamarin.Forms App.

I am not sure what scheme to use for the filename parameter of the AudioDataStream.SaveToWaveFile method. I tried various things and I get error code: 0x5 (SPXERR_INVALID_ARG) for the file name.

Any pointers would be helpful and a simple C# sample would be great!


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Hello and thanks for your reply

As I indicated in my earlier question the problem I have is which uri scheme should I use when trying to save the wav file fileName to a mobile phone in my Xamarin forms App.

         using (var fileOutput = AudioConfig.FromWavFileOutput(**fileName**))

Thank you kindly

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Here's an example:

 using (var fileOutput = AudioConfig.FromWavFileOutput("path/file.wav"))

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The problem is what to use for file path.

It would be great, if you perhaps could provide a simple hello world Xamarin forms app that saves a synthesized text to a wav file.

Thanks again

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