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How to trigger installation of User-Available Application purely through WMI or other code without having to use Software Center?

In SCCM, WMI class CCM_Application in ClientSDK does not list User-Available (Target = User Collection, Purpose = Available) Applications unless you Install them manually from the Software Center once, and hence you cannot trigger Installation ("Install" method of the "CCM_Application" class) of an application that has been made available to a user but has not yet been installed through the Software Center. Is there any way we could trigger the installation of such Application from the client machine using WMI or other code without actually having to go to the Software Center for the first time? (which otherwise, defies the purpose of ClientSDK IMO).

I do realize that there is a procedure that is followed behind the scenes whenever the deployment is made available to the user, the Policy gets downloaded (or enforced) to the client machine only once the installation is triggered through the Software Center and not before that. But all these steps of discovering and installing the User-Available Application, is it possible to do that from the client machine just like the Software Center, WITHOUT ever having to use the Software Center? There has to be a way.

Can anyone refer an SCCM expert to this Question? Anyone from Microsoft who actually have solution to this?

I have already read many long blogs on the internet related to this query but none seem to have figured it out.

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This question has been answered but the objective there is different. It simply creates and starts the deployment of a software from the Configuration Manager. What I am trying to achieve is to Install the already deployed software (which is Available and hence not automatically installed), right from the client machine and not the server. Just like the Software Center does.

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Our purpose is not to automate the process or to use purpose = required. What we are trying to achieve is to trigger the installation of User-Available Applications externally (not automatically) through WMI without having to go to the Software Center, just like we can Install/Uninstall Device-targeted Applications though the Methods exposed in the WMI class CCM_Application without having to use Software Center at all. We can also do the same for User-Available apps as well, but only once they have been installed through the Software Center, because then they get added to the CCM_Application just like the other apps and you can install/uninstall them without using the Software Center. Why can't we perform the first initial detection of User-Available Apps and install them for the first time as well? If SDK allows us to do all the above functionality, why are we forced to use Software Center for just one step? There should/must be a way.

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Greetings @Amandayou-MSFT,

Thank you for early response.

We have made some integrations with the Software Center using WMI ClientSDK that allows us to handle the client side functionalities such as Install, Uninstall, Display List of available Apps etc. on the Client Machine, through WMI without having to access Software Center. But we are unable to perform the above mentioned functionalities for the User-Available Apps. If we are given a full fledge SDK for the client we should have a clearly defined, documented, exposed method to perform the said actions for the User-Available Apps as well. Or at least some method to enforce the User-Available App, after which they get added to the list in CCM_Application class and be treated like the others.

Thanks. Hope you really get me someone who may have a solution to this.

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Hi @AbdurRahmanKhan-3818

Thanks for your posting in Q&A.

Could we know if we want to install the application without having to use Software Center? why not use the method of Required? It could install application silently without software center. Do we have other special needs to adopt the method of available? Please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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I appreciate your understanding that we are not the best channel to address this issue since the forum is mainly focusing on break-fix issues.

I move my answer to comment so that if anyone has the right solution, he could post it in here.

To get better support, I suggest you call Professional Support Services so that a dedicate engineer will help you solve this issue in a more efficient way. Thank you for your understanding.
To obtain the phone numbers for specific technology request please take a look at the web site listed below.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Best regards,

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Hi @Amandayou-MSFT,

Thank you for your response.

This forum is not limited to break-fix issues at all. Here people query about anything that may require "Knowledge Sharing". Break-fix issues are a part of it, but this forum is definitely not limited to that.


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