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SFB APP Problem in Android 11


SFB application has many problems in Android 11, Including:
1- Failure to display the full Notification in order to answer incoming calls (After a few seconds, the notification disappears and the call can not be answered easily)
2- Problems of hearing the beep for no reason (which exists even after the call is cut off and SFB application must be force stop to resolve this issue)
3- Displaying Missed Call and not being able to remove Notification

I also tested on Android 10 that I had the problem of not showing Notification when the phone is locked, and when the phone is active, the Notification disappears very quickly.

I config and test push notification on our skype server, and test on SFB client on IOS version .
In this version we don’t have any issues and we can answer call and missed called notifications perfectly.
So if you have any solutions for android 11, please inform me.


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Does anyone else have the same problem?

Due to resource limitation, I cannot test this scenario now. I will do more corresponding researches. If there is any valuable information, I will share with you as soon as possible.

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There is little progress now. We suggest you to open a Service Request to get more efficient support. About how to do that, please refer to Global Customer Service phone numbers.

The support engineer will collect your backend log file and analyze this problem exactly.

Meanwhile, we will keep paying attention to this thread. Any update I will post here.

Thanks for your understanding.

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I could not open the Service Request Because it requires corporate email and can not be done with existing email.
I hope the problem progresses faster than before.
This is a very common problem with Android users (especially versions 10 and 11).
thanks for your understanding.

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I update the link to open a ticket in my last reply.

Please try to contact the corresponding phone number.

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