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How MS Office and AutoCAD detect file system on Cloud Filter API Drive (OneDrive)?

I have created a virtual drive using Windows Cloud Filter API and I see that there is a significant difference in how applications save documents to my drive and to OneDrive. I have recorded a sequence of save operations on my drive and on and OneDrive.

First lets compare MS Office docx file being opened, saved and closed:

Saving Microsoft Word document on OneDrive:

Saving Microsoft Word on my drive:

Now lets compare dwg file being opened, saved and closed:

Saving AutoCAD file on One Drive:

Saving AutoCAD file on my drive:

How can I achieve the identical behavior of my file system and OneDrive? I want at least to avoid DWG files being renamed during save operation.
Are there any Cloud Filter API options, attributes or registry settings that make my implementation behave differently from OneDrive?

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