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ODBC for access to remote SQL server


I started using MS Access (2013/7) as a front-end to access data on a SQL server (MariaDB 10 on Synology NAS).
I have - not without overcoming considerable roadblocks - succeeded to implement this to work from my Workstation on the home network.
But the idea of this approach was to be able to access the data from a remote laptop. All attempts so far failed. What I have tried as the most promissing last effort:

  • I downloaded the driver for Windows 10 from MariaDB10 and try to use this running odbcad32 as administrator;

  • I created a server.cert on the synology server for TSL and copied the certificate to a folder on the remote client

  • I defined a specific user for remote access to the database with seperate password and retricted access with TSL

  • I have an address of a DNS server; using this address I can ping the server and get a quick response.

But now having all this in place I cannot configure the ODBC connector as I have done for my workstation. I tried all halfway reasonable alternatives for Port, server.cert, server.key and other parameters without success. Frequent error messages are: unknown server, timeout on handshake and the like. Is there any precise information as how to configure ODBC correctly for the described situation?

Thanks for any hints! boz

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