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DEP-Profiles can't be loaded


I'm trying to automate our profile creation process via the MS-Graph API. While testing the features that I need for this automation I stumbled upon the "depOnboardingSettings" Object that you can call via the API. For test purposes I created one such profile with the Graph-API (with a POST-Method), but since then I can't load the DEP-Profiles on our Endpoint anymore. It says that "the DEP-Profiles can't be loaded". At first I thought they were deleted, but I can still call the profiles over the API with their corresponding ID.

When I try to fetch all the DEP-Profiles (not just one) via the API-Call:[our-ID]/managedProfiles it shows the following error:

     "error": {
         "code": "BadRequest",
         "message": "{  \"_version\": 3,  \"Message\": \"Name can not be empty (including whitespace only) for profile id: 8f1395c9-aac9-4548-a69d-1e48881db7c8_9e438e12-4ed5-49ff-9dc8-dd80320985fe - Operation ID (for customer support): 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 - Activity ID: 09ebaee6-392d-d61f-0bb9-e81106ea9966 - Url:\",  \"CustomApiErrorPhrase\": \"\",  \"RetryAfter\": null,  \"ErrorSourceService\": \"\",  \"HttpHeaders\": \"{}\"}",
         "innerError": {
             "date": "2021-10-28T10:06:35",
             "request-id": "a0d541df-0278-4756-bd25-21eb3a14603c",
             "client-request-id": "09ebaee6-392d-d61f-0bb9-e81106ea9966"

This ought to be the API-Call I used to create the testprofile:

 Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Uri[our-ID]/enrollmentProfiles -Headers @{Authorization = "Bearer $accesstoken"} -body @{displayName ="TEST"}

I already tried deleting this incomplete/faulty profile (using the DELETE-Method) which successfully deleted it (before deleting the faulty profile I could call it via the API. Since I deleted it I get an 404-Error), but I still receive this error.

Could it be that the incomplete/faulty profile somehow still exists? Is there a way how I can fix this issue?



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