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Windows Portable device event monitoring using MFC C++

I need to develop an application to monitor events on Portable devices using C++ MFC. I'm using WPD API for the same. But encountering a few issues. I am not getting the Filename in case of the delete operation. and also not able to register for more than one Portable device.

PWSTR eventCookie = nullptr;
ComPtr<IPortableDevice> device;

    device = nullptr;
    hr = CoInitializeEx(nullptr, COINIT_MULTITHREADED);

    DWORD pnpDeviceIDCount = EnumerateAllDevices();

    for(int i=0;i<pnpDeviceIDCount;i++)
        if (device == nullptr)
            continue ;

        RegisterForEventNotifications(device.Get(), &eventCookie);
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Another method is to use SHChangeNotifyRegister

I tested with a mobile and I get the file name when I delete a file (while I don't get it either with WPD interfaces...)

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I can't receive event when adding or removing a file using the WPD API sample. Does @Castorix31's solution work for you? And what error you get when register for more than one Portable device? It works for me.

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@AparnaSA How are things going? Please let us know if there is any progress.

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