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Xamarin.Android : The connection to Google Play services was lost due to service disconnection.

I am currently trying to test an Xamarin.Android App on both Emulators and Physical Device.
I am using Firebase to try and register users or login with already existing users.

On either of emulator and physical device. I get the response failure message:

The connection to Google Play services was lost due to service disconnection.

void RegisterUser(string name, string phone, string email, string password)
taskCompletionListener.Success += TaskCompletionListener_Success;
taskCompletionListener.Failure += TaskCompletionListener_Failure;

             if (mAuth != null)
                 mAuth.CreateUserWithEmailAndPassword(email, password)
                      .AddOnSuccessListener(this, taskCompletionListener)
                      .AddOnFailureListener(this, taskCompletionListener);

         catch (System.Exception)


With FailureListener throwing the error message.

Anything I missed?

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Do you want to connect to the firebase realtime database? If not, please share the your used API. If yes, do you use any network proxy? if you have use it, please close than make a test. Then please Google play service is running like this thread.

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Yes, I'm try to connect to Firebase realtime database, it used to work before, I have no idea where the issue came from. I have also a Web API which manipulates data from the same source, could that be the issue??

Also I'm not sure if this could be issue here is the current version of firebase I'm using:

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