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token lost in the redirection between application gateway and identity server in azure

We have azure environment with application gateway which has ui and api services with ingress controller.

When user launches the url of the SPA web application user is redirected to Microsoft Identity Server. After the login is done user is redirected back to the web browser with token to the host

e.g. .

We are using ADAL js and it works in local environment.Since local environment doesn't have application gateway we had no issue.

When we moved to UAT where we have Application gateway with ingress routing the application stopped working which means the token is lost in redirection. The ADALjs library js which ideally relies on this url e.g. is not able to read it.

Any settings we need to do with azure application gateway.?

     apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
     kind: Ingress
       name: myingress
       annotations: azure/application-gateway "true" "true" /
         - secretName: mysecret
       - host:
       - http:
           - path: /
               serviceName: uidev
               servicePort: 80
           - path: /gateway
               serviceName: ocelotapigatewaydev
               servicePort: 80
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@dotnetcoreapi-3523 have you had any luck with the following troubleshooting steps? It also may help to know which endpoint you're using, v1 or v2? Have you tried using the newer MSAL library?

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@dotnetcoreapi-3523 Just checking in to see if you've had a chance to look at the shared resources. Please share the requested information so we can assist you better!

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Hi, are there any updates with this case? If not, please select the appropriate response as "Answered." Otherwise please let us know how we can assist you.

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